Cedar Heights Orchards

Our Apples!

We are building a menu of the apples grown at our orchards, with some information to help you with your picking. It’s a work in progress, here are just few of our favorites!


Origin: New York
Fruit: Juicy, slightly tart
Picking Season: Late
Uses: Baking, salads


Origin: New Zealand
Fruit: Mildly sweet, firm and crisp
Picking Season: Early
Uses: Snacking, Salad, Cooking, Juicing, Freezing

Calville Blanc D’Hiver

Fruit:Crisp tart, effervescent
Picking Season:Late / Very late
Uses:Cooking, Tarte Tatin

Yarlington Mills

Origin: England
Fruit: Bittersweet
Picking Season: Late October/November
Uses: Cider